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Tracy Grammer

Saturday, June 10, 2017 – 8PM

Donation: $25 (All money goes to performer)
Glenside, PA


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Bring your favorite ready-to-eat finger food and beverages to share at the breaks
As usual, we will have a song circle after the concert, and you are invited to bring instruments and your fine singing voice.

Music for me is a language like no other; it is my channel of authenticity.
I know I'd only be telling half the truth without it..”
- Tracy Grammer

TRACY GRAMMER -- writer, singer, musician, storyteller

Tracy does what she loves and she loves what she does. She takes her art seriously, and she knows what a privilege it is to be on the stage -- any stage. The music she makes speaks to all things human. The stories she shares hopefully encourage conversation, introspection, and healing. And the road she travels is paved with light.

It wasn't always this way -- the transition has been hard-won -- but she’s finally found the sweet spot. If she can make the journey a little easier for someone else, then that's what she does. Music is her medicine. When it's working right, it heals us all in the same breath.

“Her pure voice conveys the simple truths of these songs; her gifts as a musician are like that of a painter who is a master of chiaroscuro, offering light and shadow at every turn.“ - Mary Chapin Carpenter

As one fan put it, "With Tracy, it's never just about the music. It's a soul journey."

Tracy tours the United States and Canada regularly, and has traveled to Europe and Japan. She holds the record for the most consecutive appearances at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival ~ a lucky 13. She performs in a variety of configurations -- solo, duo, trio, and full band.

(This engagement will be a solo performance of the songs of Dave Carter, Tracy's own songs, some covers and
perhaps a story from her upcoming memoirs about her life with Dave Carter.)

In addition to touring, Grammer is the director of the Dave Carter Legacy Project. Her publishing company, Tracy Grammer Music, administers licenses for Carter's catalog of music. She is a member of the Bucks County Writers Workshop in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, where she is working on a memoir about her time with Dave Carter. Tracy lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts.


 For more information, please visit Tracy's website at:

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